Saturday, June 4, 2011

class of 2011

this is becoming a habit. over the years, i've had many students, and today seems a good time to write down what i will remember of each one of those which i had in my maths or physics class the last months. this is the first of hopefully many graduating classes here in bremen, and i want to register the three things i will most remember of each one of them.
marlene will be remembered for always greeting me, for her seemingly infinite search for knowledge and for her transparent character. what you see is what you get with her, and it's a good sight.
lea will be remembered for her honest interest for content and people, her lighting-up-a-room smile and her will to help.
jule will be remembered for her incredibly fast thinking (not only in math), her hair colors and her shy smile - ok, one more, her chocolate sessions with the table.
thai will be remembered for her dedication, her maturity and her profound kindness. and, yes, chocolate art.
sadaf will be remembered for her high standards and values, her high goals and dreams and for her love-themed art work.
i'll remember caroline for her positive, almost palpable energy, her good smelling tea and her smile when she got something right.
stephanie will be remembered for her courage, her incredible artistic talent and expression, and her originality.
chantal represents her hometown bremen to me perfectly: quiet, always with a smile on her face, and with a great sense of humor - the kind that makes others laugh while she just continues to smile.
denise will be remembered for the werder schal gesture (chanti and denise, that was really special and will always be cherished), her patience and perseverance, and her latin american flair (always a good thing!).
max will be remembered for caring, for his integrational skills and for always being a good sport. and, of course, for having to deal with me twice as much.
bilal will be remembered for his coolness, his rare and great relationship to his brother and his laid back attitude towards everything, including studying.
aidin will be unforgotten because he reminds me of my best friend from high school: very smart, not very dedicated, and sometimes suprisingly interested in issues. i wish you well!
finally, promita will stay in my memory because of her unique voice, her positive outlook on life and her healthy self confidence.
they all made my days happy, they will be missed. i liked and loved them all, hope they felt it a little.

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lmmc said...

this post is so dear, it breaks my heart!