Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy birthday

today is an important day. and it is every year. you’ve guessed it, it’s someone’s birthday. someone quite vital to me celebrates another year in their life. someone i’m lucky to be able to call my mother.
you have to know that my mother is quite the hero. she’s been through a lot in her life; many countries; many experiences, good and bad; many turns in life; many hopes, disappointments, fulfilling, realizations, frustrations – and still a good deal of dreams.
mãezinha is and will always be very important to me. she is one of those people that, no matter what she says or does, will always be a big influence in my life, more than she might imagine. the years we (my brothers, she and me) spent together between 81 and 85 will always be very decisive for the way i view things, like life, even love, and all the other mysteries.
i’ve seen her grow in wisdom, knowledge, patience, love – and i know that his will continue to happen. but some things never change – she will always miss her kids. hope we see each other again soon, before your next birthday!
happy birthday mãezinha!